We will help you introduce products to chain stores.

Our advantages:

Permanent cooperation with RETAIL CHAINS in Poland and in Europe

We prepare offers and fullfill orders within various industrial products – including dedicated lines, product baskets and sales seasons.

Our regular partners include the following chain stores: Auchan, Biedronka, Carrefour, Dino, Empik, Intermarche, Kaufland, Makro, Mila, Netto, Rossman, Selgros, Smyk, SuperPharm, Tesco.

Proper advice on the selection of the assortment and budgeting.

You have an idea for a product and production capacity, and we will enable you to place your product range to the market shelf by adapting the offer to existing processes. We will also help in budgeting the annual and quarterly demand of the market, which enables rational planning, for example, costs, cash flow or schedule.

Professional logistics service

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Support for promotional activities

If you decide to cover your products with promotional activities in RETAIL CHAINS we will assure a full promotion service and merchandising.

We will point out possibilities that will help you to reach a wider group of recipients, such as:

  • service maintenace with a report after promotional campaign
  • presentation of promotion opportunities
  • matching the place, time and product to a given promotional campaign
  • measuring the effectiveness of the use of sales space

Experienced partner that saves your time and money

We have been delivering non-food products to chain partners for many years. We know the characteristics of this cooperation, which will allow you to save time and avoid mistakes that can cost a lot. With each RETAIL STORE we work in the electronic data exchange system in the field of delivery and order settlement. We continuously monitor the knowledge about consumer behavior. Thanks to that your offer will be adjusted to their expectations and changing market trends. You can also use our service in order to consulting and training.

Both experienced manufacturers and importers offering brand-name products use our support, the same as companies who initiate baby steps in cooperation with RETAIL CHAINS. We can even maintain small assortment groups by introducing them as part of the offered products basket.

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