LOGISTIC service

Responding to the requirements of RETAIL CHAINS is one of the most important factors building long-term cooperation, and faulty deliveries are financialy burdened. We have developed operating systems, even for seasonal products that require packaging and delivery at the same time to various logistics centers in Europe.

We offer our PARTNERS:

  • full warehouse service, including: reception of goods, storage, pallets / packages distribution with a homogeneous and mixed assortment, while maintaining their quality and quantity control,
  • order picking using radio terminals and goods identification by scanning barcodes,
  • service of cross-docking pallets,
  • Less Than Truck Load (LTL) and Full Truck Load (FTL) transport,
  • deliveries to retail and wholesale CUSTOMERS and to RETAIL CHAINS (hourly notifications),
  • delivery of packages and pallet shipments,
  • labeling, foil wrapping, repackaging of final products,
  • product sorting,
  • creating promotional sets,
  • return logistics, efficient management of customer product returns: quality controls, segregation, service, conservation, disposal according to the COSTUMER indications.

Our experience and flexibility in operation allow us to adapt to the needs of our CONTRACTORS, and efficient logistics service helps to save time and reduce costs.

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